Pocket-Sized Digital Recording Magic

Olympus LS-3 is a pocket-sized digital recorder which boasts amazing studio-grade sound capture features in 96kHz/24bit Linear PCM format. On top of that, it has the highest quality of audio recording format for digital transcription among the legendary LS- models.

Is it possible that a 90-gram Olympus LS-3 recorder has the best of what sound engineering has to offer? The answer is a big resounding YES. The 96 kHz/24 bit PCM format will produce superior quality sound like the CD format. The notable TRESMIC 3-microphone system is also responsible for capturing sound in stunning clarity. The Olympus LS3 can record a wide range of frequency without losing quality. So this explains the rich, full sound which is reproduced exactly with the sonic reflection of voice, nature or music. To satisfy the need for pure quality recording, a switchable low-cut filter with two levels reduces the background noise. Whether users happen to be near air conditioning units or outside the building, unwanted noise can be filtered by the LS3.

Another notable feature is the Pre-Record Buffer which gives users enough head start when recording. Olympus LS-3 will capture several seconds before one has actually hit the record button. The intuitive Voice Guidance System supports voice prompts for easy operation. This is especially helpful for visually-challenged users.

Olympus LS-3 is just perfect mix for music-lovers who record sessions and performances, nature enthusiasts who captures various sounds from wildlife, theatre professionals, reporters, and everyone who feels the need of premium audio recorder performing at the optimum level and yet fits the pocket easily. Even at this size, it has 4GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot to accommodate as many recordings as users like.

Olympus LS-3 recorder seems to have everything we need: awe-inspiring digital sound quality, ergonomic design and advanced functionality. Busy professionals and music-lovers who demand crisp and clear sound recording will definitely love this powerful take-me-anywhere audio recorder and purchase it without a second thought.